Office Sparkling Water Systems

Invigorate your office refreshment program with Bluedrop Still & Sparkling water systems. Keep your employees hydrated with the best quality water.

A person filling their water bottle with the Bluedrop product.

Committed to High-Quality Solutions

World-renowned offices and corporate campuses are moving to our advanced Still & Sparkling water solutions. Our clients, as well as your employees, demand the highest quality water service. Take the next step in refining your office water program by partnering with Bluedrop and our team of water filtration experts.

Your One-Stop Solution

What We Bring to The Office

The entire Bluedrop program is designed for seamless integration. From planning to preventative maintenance, our team will handle it all.

Bluedrop’s variety of innovative and efficient on-site filtration systems are customized to meet every individual office needs. This means your water always tastes great.

Bluedrop reduces single-use plastic bottle waste minimizing over all environmental impact.

A person using the bluedrop water system to fill a glass of water.

Bluedrop is absolutely #1 when it comes to water purification systems for your business. We had a vendor for years and our system was frequently down or requiring service, thankfully we found Bluedrop and our water woes have washed away. The entire Bluedrop experience is top tier, from sales to service, everyone is knowledgeable and hard working, not to mention our new system was setup almost instantly upon inquiry. The entire office is thrilled w our new Bluedrop system. We have not had a single issue since Bluedrop installed and we couldn't be happier.

James Pietsch, Director Global Accounts

Scalable Display Technologies
A bluglass tower and a black tower next to each other on a counter.
Bluedrop water product on a counter with other kitchen equipment.

Designed to Fit Your Space

Our team will help you design your office water program so that the right system fits perfectly in each space you need it to.

An office kitchen with a bluedrop water product.

Simplicity in Service

Eliminate time spent receiving daily bottled water deliveries & worrying about where to store all those 5-gallon jugs. Our programs simplify the entire office water program.

A tower mounted to an office kitchen to allow employees to get water.

With a compact footprint our countertop products have become some of our most popular. These systems are perfect for servicing high traffic locations with limited available installation space and the sleek stainless steel design is sure to elevate any space.

A person filling their water bottle with the Bluedrop product.

The under-counter system is configured to allow the equipment to live remotely beneath counter. This is ideal for customers looking to have a beautiful tap mounted on the bar. Choose from a variety of taps to fit your style.

A tower mounted to an office kitchen to allow employees to get water.

A minimalist design built for high volume dispensing, our wall mounted solutions are the perfect amenity for hotels & residential apartment buildings.

A wall mounted filtration system.


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