Your water, the way
nature intended.

Access to safe, great-tasting drinking water is a must for any organization.

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  • Office Water Coolers

    Bluedrop Water’s portfolio of filtered water coolers includes options for every office setting, application and budget.

    Whether your business is looking to improve your drinking water program or reduce cost, we can help. Let one of our service-oriented team members show you how we can consistently deliver superior equipment, service and price.


  • Sparkling Water Service

    The Bluedrop Water+ line of professional water-coolers are designed and built for those who require premium still and sparkling water for their employees, guests or customers. The counter-top models, with their modern, elegant shape, are designed to compliment other high-end appliances. Whether you are seeking a solution for your bar, restaurant, hotel or office, Bluedrop Water+ will provide the efficiency and quality demanded by your profession.


Who’s Drinking Our Water?

We are proud to deliver cost efficient and environmentally friendly
water filtration solutions to some of North America's most reputable businesses.