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What are PFAS?

Bluedrop Water Team

January 14, 2021

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Residential Whole Home Filtration Systems
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Nicknamed the “forever chemicals” nearly all Americans today have been exposed to PFAS. States around the country are just now waking up to the harsh realities created by decades of pollution from these incredibly toxic materials.

What exactly are PFAS?

They are a family of manmade chemicals that have historically had many different applications and uses. From firefighting foam, non-stick pans, and plastic packaging, they have found a way into everyday life. These nearly 5000 different chemicals have saturated both ground and surface water as well as soil exposing over 200 million Americans. They are incredibly hard to break down in nature. While there are finally studies and regulations being spun up, there is still a very long road ahead to fully combat these chemicals.

How do they affect us?

Whether you are exposed to PFAS from your water, clothes, or from a different source, PFAS are incredibly damaging and toxic to humans. Recent studies have begun to enlighten us to the full scope of the effects on the body. So far, we know that PFAS can cause a litany of issues including but not limited to:

  • Birth defects, and a general disruption in child development and growth
  • Severe damage to kidneys and liver
  • Infertility
  • Increase risk of many forms of cancer
  • Immune system suppression
  • Decrease in vaccine efficacy
  • Increased cholesterol

What are the regulations regarding PFAS?

As of right now, there is no federal mandate on proper levels. This will change as more information comes to light on the devastating effects of PFAS. The EPA has issued a health advisory notice and is in the process of introducing regulations. The EPA health advisory notice states that PFOA/PFOS exposure should be limited to 70 parts per trillion. More and more states however are implementing their own regulations. Massachusetts for example has a limit of 20 part per trillion total combine PFAS, while other states have limits on each of the specific PFAS. We have also seen a rise in state spending to treat their municipal water systems to comply with EPA guidelines.

 How are PFAS Tested For?

Because there are still many unknowns regarding PFAS, the best way to test for them is to send a water sample to a certified lab for analysis. Bluedrop currently offers a test kit that will show PFAS levels along with many other parameters.

What Can I Do to Protect My Home?

Elimination of PFAS in your water can be accomplished by installing either a whole home filtration system or a reverse osmosis system for drinking water. A whole home filtration works at waters point of entry into your home, eliminating PFAS as well as many other contaminants before they get into your plumbing, supplying your entire home with safe and clean water. Drinking water reverse osmosis systems are installed under your countertop in your kitchen. These systems are very effective in removing nearly all contaminants in your water, PFAS certainly included.

Increasing community awareness and knowledge of PFAS is also crucial in protecting your home and area. Each state’s environmental protection agencies should be able to speak specifically about the risks in your area, and the steps they are taking to control PFAS levels.

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