Residential Still & Sparkling

Enjoy an unlimited supply of premium still and sparkling water on demand with the same dispensing technology used by your favorite restaurants.

A person using their home still and sparkling system to fill a glass with water.

The Ultimate Drinking Water Luxury

World-renowned restaurants, hotels, resorts and corporate campuses have been using Bluedrop’s still and sparkling water dispensers for years. Now your family and guests can enjoy an endless supply of sustainable water in the convenience of your own home.

Your One-Stop Solution

Bottled Water Done Better

Bluedrop’s NSF Certified still & sparkling water filtration system removes particulate, chlorine, taste, odor, lead, asbestos, cyst and other imperfections to deliver consistent great-tasting drinking water around the clock.

Our residential countertop and under-counter water systems are designed to produce up to 30 liters per hour of chilled still or sparkling water while requiring minimal service. Systems can also be ordered with hot water dispensing for tea or coffee.

Eliminate the need to buy bottles of still or sparkling water and save trips to the grocery store. All residential system come with reusable 1-liter glass bottles that are dishwasher safe. Your guests will be impressed with the designer bottled water you serve at the dinner table!

A home still and sparkling water system on a kitchen counter.

We found bluedrop water when we were searching to have our needs of having an in house sparkling water fountain. From first contact to maintenance, they have been absolutely amazing. They helped us build our dream by providing us with an Italian unit underneath the cabinet state of the art unit, from specs to training to exchange Co2. Now we have unlimited sparkling water. Great way to fulfill the environmental needs. And delicious water!!

Heloisa F.

A still and sparkling system on a residential kitchen counter.
A person filling their water bottle using the tower product.

What We Bring to The Table

Reusable Glass Bottles

Bluedrop includes luxury reusable glass bottles with every system. Our bottles are dishwasher safe and can be washed thousands of reducing the cost and environmental impact of single-use bottled water.

A person sitting at a counter with a glass of water and a bottle of bluedrop water on the table.

Options for Your Aesthetic

We offer a wide variety of systems to suit your home’s layout and design. From self-contained countertop dispensers to low profile under-counter systems, we offer premium water with innovative styling.

A person filling a bluedrop bottle with water.

Turn-Key Installation & Service

Bluedrop is available to install and service your new sparkling water dispenser. Our residential service team’s white glove approach will make your annual filter change and system checkup a breeze.

A bluedrop branded van.

Let us help you find the right solution


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