Specialty Coffee Filtration

Superior espresso demands superior ingredients. Top baristas know that espresso is 85-96% water, so proper ingredient water quality is as important as the beans and the grind.

A barista making a coffee using specialty equipment.

What’s in Your Drink?

Knowing the makeup of your ingredient water is as important as knowing your grind. In addition to H2O, water may contain minerals, chemical compounds and/or contaminants that can alter taste and damage equipment. The most potentially harmful contaminants are small particles, iron, hardness minerals, chlorine and chloramine disinfectant, chloride, sulfate and nitrates.

Your One-Stop Solution

What We Bring to The Table

Water is stripped using reverse osmosis and then remineralized to adhere to the water quality specfications of equipment manufacturers, preventing scale and corrosion while maintaining equipment warranty

By eliminating contaminants and re-introducing healthy minerals, Bluedrop can significantly improve coffee taste and extraction which is why we are recommended by leading roasters, cafes & restaurants

We become a true partner to your business. We capitalize, install, service and maintain all specialty coffee filtration equipment and are the only provider that will guarantee system performance and service response time

A barista making a latte.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team at Bluedrop for the past few years on multiple projects large and small. Bluedrop provides my clients with individual water quality test results which in turn provides customized solutions to protect vital equipment and improve overall taste. With deep roots in the hospitality industry, Bluedrop is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them to all of my clients.

Aaron Constable, Sales and Education

La Colombe

Our Specialty Coffee Water Targets

Hardness graphic


Bluedrop’s Total Hardness target is 70-100 parts per million

Alkalinity graphic


Bluedrop’s Alkalinity target is 40 to 70 ppm

Chloride graphic


Chlorine & Chlorides target is 0 parts per million

Chlorine graphic


Sodium target is under 10 ppm

pH graphic


Bluedrop’s pH target values ranges from 6.5 to 8.0

TDS graphic


Bluedrop’s Total Dissolved Solids target is 90 to 150 parts per million

A coffee shop counter.
A custom branded bottle on a counter at a restaurant.

Elevate Your Cup

Why Water Is Important For Specialty Coffee

A sensitive palate can detect a difference in the taste of waters when Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content changes by about 100 Parts Per Million (PPM). However, a trained barista can detect a change in espresso taste at just a 1 PPM change in ingredient water TDS! Water quality doesn’t just affect taste: poor quality water can cause corrosion and scale buildup, irreparably damaging espresso equipment.

Specialty restaurant equipment using bluedrop water systems.

How We Can Help Coffee Shops

Bluedrop looks at each client as a unique case as there is no one-size-fits-all solution in water filtration. We start with a complimentary water analysis and use these learnings to develop a water filtration strategy customized to the coffee and espresso equipment supplied, available space, anticipated volume and layout of the cafe. Additionally, we can help with other water related needs in your café such as equipment filtration and still & sparkling water dispensing. We supply, install and maintain all equipment becoming a true partner to your business.

Bluedrop water tower in a coffee shop.

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