The BluGlass Tower is a modern tempered glass and stainless steel tap system that can be paired with any Bluedrop Box. Stainless steel digital dispense button allow the user to easily bottle still, sparkling or ambient water quickly and precisely. The BluGlass Tower is ideal for front-of-house applications a modern and high-tech aesthetic is preferred.

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Bluglass tower product image

Key Features

  • Premium filtered still, sparkling and ambient water on demand
  • Pairs with Bluedrop Box chilling and carbonation system
  • Stainless-steel digital dispense buttons with LED lights
  • Includes luxury branded 1-liter glass bottles
  • Professional tempered glass and stainless-steel design

Key Benefits

  • Can be paired with any Bluedrop Box chilling and carbonation system
  • Modern and high-tech aesthetic
  • Reduces carbon footprint and eliminates single-use bottles
  • Turnkey service and implementation


  • 20.22” Tall + 5” Shank
A bartender pouring water from a bluedrop water bottle at the bar.


The BluGlass Tower has two separate faucets which were specifically designed for dispensing three types of water (still, sparkling and ambient). Water selection is made possible by the use of four stainless selection buttons (Sparkling, Ambient, Still, Still).

A single 2” countertop penetration is required, commonly placed 17” back from the front of the countertop. The BluGlass Tower has a 5” shank which passes through the countertop and is secured on the bottom.

The BluGlass Tower comes standard with an integrated drip tray. The drip tray includes 5’ of tubing for plumbed applications, alternatively the drain tubing can be capped for non-plumbed applications. Due to the unique design, there does not need to be an additional countertop penetration for plumbed drain applications.

A bottle of bluedrop water on a bar table.

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