Distinguish yourself from the rest with our custom branded bottles. Embellished with your company logo for that extra special touch, our dishwasher safe luxury glass bottles are the perfect addition to every table. Co-branded bottles are one more benefit to enjoy with your premium and sustainable water program.

Design Your Bottle
A bluedrop water custom bottle
Broadway custom branded bottle.
Shy bird custom branded bottle
A bartender pouring water from a custom bluedrop branded bottle.
Bluedrop bottle on a restaurant table.

The lexington custom branded bottle

Key Features

  • Premium reusable designer glass bottles
  • Available in several sizes and styles
  • All bottle styles can be co-branded with your name, logo and messaging
  • Ink is heat treated and fuses to bottle allowing for continuous washing and reuse
  • Matching bottle washing racks are available

Key Benefits

  • Guests will enjoy the value added to their table or room
  • Adds sophisticated branding to anywhere water is served
  • You will find customers love to post your bottles on social media
  • Bottle design and printing is included for every Hospitality customer


  • Boston Round Bottle: 8.14” H x 3.75” D, 950ml
  • DropTop Bottle: 12.00” H x 3.50” D, 1000ml
Brenton hotel custom bottle
Night shift brewing custom branded bottle.
Alcove custom branded bottle

Trillium brewery custom branded bottle.

Stella custom branded bottle.


Our Boston Round Bottle has been our most popular premium bottle for casual venues while the DropTop Bottle has been a favorite in white tablecloth restaurants. Bluedrop has over a dozen of bottle styles available and we would be more than happy to help you develop the truly custom look and feel your venue requires.

Greet each guest with a premium glass bottle of Bluedrop water adorned with your branding. You can afford to offer guests an unlimited supply of premium bottled water without the traditional per-unit cost. You will be shocked at how often your bottles will end up in social media posts and food reviews.

Gone are the days of bottled water storage, shrinkage and waste – Bluedrop bottles can be continuously refilled and reused. We offer bottle washing racks specifically designed for our bottles that will fit in any commercial dish washer. After printing, bottles are kiln fired at high temperature effectively fusing the ink to the glass which prevents wear and fading.

Kohi custom branded bottle

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