The Bar90 is Bluedrop’s workhorse countertop bottling system for foodservice environments. Designed as a self-contained countertop still and sparkling dispenser, the Bar90 is a great fit for both front-of-house and back-of-house bottle filling.

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Bar90 product image
Bar90 product sitting on a counter ready for use.
Person using the Bar90 product to fill a glass with water.

Key Features

  • Premium filtered still & sparkling water on demand
  • Designed for restaurants with 30 – 130 seats
  • High-speed ergonomic “beer tap” style facets
  • Includes luxury branded 1-liter glass bottles
  • Professional stainless-steel design

Key Benefits

  • Delivers up to 80 liters per hour of chilled water
  • Intuitive faucets are easy to operate and control filling speed
  • Compact size takes up minimal countertop space
  • Reduces carbon footprint and eliminates single-use bottles
  • Turnkey service and implementation


  • 22.40” H x 14.20” W x 22.60” D

A food service setting where the bar90 product can be seen on the counter.


Soda water is an example of high pressure “ambient carbonation” which is commonly dispensed from a soda gun. The large exploding bubbles are suitable for soda but not desirable for drinking. Bluedrop sparkling water is made using cold carbonation technology involving a precise mixture of cold water and co2 pressure creating a long-lasting bubble and Italian sparkling water mouthfeel.

Greet each guest with a premium glass bottle of Bluedrop water adorned with your restaurants branding. You can afford to offer guests an unlimited supply of premium bottled water without the traditional per-unit cost.

If there is one thing we are sure of, your staff will love bluedrop. Traditional table water service can be flipped on its head, and staff can simply drop a bottle of Bluedrop allowing guests to self-serve. This model saves service labor and time while improving guest experience and perceived value.

A person using the bar90 product to fill their glass with water.

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