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How does Water Filtration Help my Restaurant?

Bluedrop Water Team

March 9, 2021

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Filtered water is the most important ingredient missing from your kitchen! But how exactly can having safe, refreshing water help your restaurant?

Provide a Consistent Experience to Your Customers

From the drinking water on their table to the food you serve, your water can affect your customer’s overall dining experience in a variety of ways. By filtering and treating your water properly, you are ensuring that your guests are receiving a meal to remember, just the way you intended.

Save Money

Problematic water does not just affect your customers, it can also hurt your bottom line. Having for example acidic water, high TDS levels, or hard water can all contribute to costly damage to your food service equipment.

Whether it be repairs or replacements, you will be out thousands of dollars and will incur countless headaches down the road. Some equipment manufacturers even go as far as issuing water quality guidelines for their warranties. Finding yourself outside of these guidelines exposes you to the full brunt of the repairs and replacements.

Filtered water can also save you money by replacing the need to buy bottled water, as you can now provide the same quality of water all in-house.

Increase Efficiency

Bluedrop will develop a tailored filtration strategy for all critical foodservice equipment on site including ice makers, steam equipment, coffee brewers, espresso, fountain soda and ingredient water. Your restaurant will benefit from automatic filter changes and preventative maintenance service to keep your restaurant running at all times.



A bottle of bluedrop water from the bar150 product sitting on a bar table.
A restaurant water filtration system mounted on a wall.
A bluedrop bottle sitting on a restaurant table.

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