Bluedrop Water is currently seeking acquisition opportunities in the United States, with the intention to provide superior value to POU water cooler businesses considering selling to a trusted operator.

Bluedrop Water’s acquisition process is designed to be a positive experience for all stakeholders in your business including owners, employees and customers. Selling your business to Bluedrop Water will provide you with peace of mind knowing you received the highest possible value for your business, and that Bluedrop Water will continue to deliver a superior level of service to your customers.

Once a mutual NDA has been completed, our process will involve an initial site visit and information request. Following a formal Terms Sheet and Letter of Intent, Bluedrop Water will complete all facets of our internal due-diligence. Our goal will be to deliver a finalized Purchase & Sales agreement and closing within a period of one to three months.

Best Suited For: Small to large POU filtration businesses, whose equipment rentals deliver a consistent income stream. No point-of-use business is too large or too small to be considered, we handle all potential acquisitions with the same level of care and attention.

For Partnership or Acquisition Inquiries:

Brendan Dickinson, President
Bluedrop Water
One Kellaway Drive, Randolph, MA