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Can a Water Softener Actually Save Money?

Bluedrop Water Team

December 21, 2023

Hard water can be very costly for a homeowner if not properly addressed. The implementation of a water softening system will not only protect your health, it can save your wallet as well! Here are just a few ways one can help you.

Saving on Energy

The main issue stemming from hard water is the buildup of a lime scale (formed from the magnesium and calcium) in your home’s pipes. This build up significantly decreases water pressure. The decrease in water pressure then puts a strain on your appliances. In turn, this raises your energy and water bills as your appliances will try to maintain proper operating efficiency. This is most commonly seen in water heaters, but still affects all appliances that require water.

Efficient Washers

Hard water renders both your washing machines, clothing or dishes, far less effective at cleaning as well. Clothes and bedding that are washed in a machine that is receiving hard water becomes dull and scratchy. The typical response to this problem is trying to use more detergent or fabric softeners. This is not a fix and forces homeowners to expend more detergent than they need to. Dull and scratchy clothing and bedding is oftentimes replaced, an unnecessary cost due to hard water.

Dishwashers with a flow of hard water can be just as costly. Instead of dull clothing, the hard water will leave a cloudy and spotty appearance on your dishes. This leads to many folks using more dish detergent or rerunning the machine to counteract the dirty appearance.

A water softener means more efficient washing machines for you. They will use less water and detergent to get satisfactory cleans.

Appliance Protection

New appliances can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to replace. Repair costs for these machines are not far off in price either. Protecting your appliances from the harm associated with hard water scale buildup will save you thousands of dollars in advance. Some appliance manufactures even have water quality guidelines under their warranties. Finding yourself outside of these proper levels will leave you unprotected from exuberant repair costs, being out of warranty. Water softeners will protect your appliances operating abilities, keep them under the protection of warranty, and will improve efficiency.

Protect your Pipes

Appliances are not the only things in your home that are at risk from hard water. The abundant levels of magnesium and calcium in hard water lead to lime scale buildups within your pipes. Degradation of your home’s pipes can lead to very costly repairs and replacements. Utilizing a water softener helps prevent this unnecessary damage and buildup.


Water Softeners are a great option to help save you money. Preventing unwanted damage to appliances, improving overall water/energy efficiency, and preventing costly plumbing disasters are just a few ways on how these systems can help save homeowners money. Contact Bluedrop to see how we can save you too!

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