bluedrop stands behind every piece of filtration equipment
we install.

Our strong service coverage and industry-leading response times give our business a major advantage when discussing the topic of water cooler service.

To ensure all water cooler customers receive the same high level of service, bluedrop includes equipment installation, service, maintenance and filter changes with each piece of rental equipment at no additional cost.

bluedrop's technicians undergo rigorous training to understand how to best address their customers specific needs. In addition, each bluedrop technician is extensively trained on each piece of filtration equipment in bluedrop's portfolio. Our experienced team will help you identify the best approach for your business and work with you through all phases of the equipment selection and installation process.

bluedrop’s service department is an excuse free zone. You will not hear us say “you were supposed to call us for that filter change” or give any other service excuse our competitor’s customers are all too used to hearing. Our guarantee to you is service within 48 hours and emergency service within 24 hours.

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