Our filtered water coolers are built on simple goals

Good stuff in, bad stuff out. Healthy minerals in, hazardous compounds out. Each person who drinks water from a Bluedrop Water cooler will get only the freshest and healthiest water that tastes great. Plus, when you switch to Bluedrop Water, you help keep our environment sustainable. So if you’re concerned about plastic waste production and BPA contamination, then Bluedrop Water water coolers are your best bet.

Outstanding Service

Do you need servicing after your coolers are installed? Not only is our service prompt, we also provide free installation, free maintenance, and unlimited filter changes at no additional cost.


Bluedrop Water’s water coolers help you save as much as 60% in plastic jug deposits and deliveries. We also save you time and effort especially when you need to constantly pour over the accounting and management of delivery slips. Those heavy 5-gallon jugs that require carrying and storing can also be a thing of the past.

Superior Equipment

Say goodbye to budgeting and managing bottled water deliveries, bulky water jug storage, disgruntled employees who you asked to replace heavy water jugs, and running out of water when there is a failed delivery or inadequate water supply. Bluedrop Water purifies water that is already on-site, your tap water, in order for you to enjoy clean water that is available all the time.


By switching to Bluedrop Water filtered water cooler system, you help improve environmental sustainability and allow future generations to enjoy it. That’s because each bottled water cooler installed has the same effect as 120 trees planted each year. Bottling, packaging, and delivering plastic water jugs produces waste output that you can help eradicate when you make the switch to our filtered water coolers.

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