If you are using bottled water, you are probably paying too much. Let us show you how much money your business may be pouring down the drain.

Our Goal: To increase the quality of your drinking water program while saving you money.

A Bluedrop Water filtered water cooler will be a welcome change for your employees by refreshing your office with industry-leading equipment that costs up to 50% less than bottled water delivery. With a bottled delivery service, your business is paying a high premium for the inefficient process of bottled water manufacturing and delivery. Don’t get stuck paying for your bottled water delivery company’s outdated supply chain – rather, enjoy a world class filtration system from Bluedrop Water, featuring an unlimited supply of great-tasting water at a low fixed monthly rental rate.

  • One low monthly “all inclusive” price
  • Costs up to 50% less than bottled water delivery
  • Regional or National program pricing available for multi-location customers

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