Introducing Lavít, the future of Still & Flavored Cold Beverages.

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This all-in-one solution provides healthy, natural and delicious beverages at the touch of a button. Choose from dozens of vitamin-rich healthy beverages, with less than 10 calories and no preservatives! Enjoy an unlimited supply of still & sparkling water, or add a flavor capsule to craft delicious still or sparkling flavored beverages. In keeping with our aim for environmental sustainability, flavor capsules are also 100% recyclable.

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Premium Still & Sparkling Dispensers

The Bluedrop Water+ line of professional water-coolers are designed and built for those who require premium still and sparkling water for their employees, guests or customers.

Our counter-top sparkling water systems, with their modern, elegant shape, are designed to compliment other high-end appliances. Whether you are seeking a solution for your bar, restaurant, hotel or office, Bluedrop Water+ dispensers will provide the efficiency and quality demanded by your profession.

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