Bluedrop Water’s commercial filtration solutions provide businesses with pure water to meet a variety of objectives:

water filtration system

Drinking Water Applications

Bluedrop Water can deliver a wide range of filtration products and services to support the filtration needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a centralized purification system to support your point-of-use equipment, or are looking for a filtration system that can provide pure water to your entire building, we have the solution.

Foodservice Applications

Water is the single most important ingredient in foodservice. Consider these facts: ice is 100% water, coffee and tea are 98% water, fountain beverages are 83%, and soups and sauces are up to 80% water. Bluedrop Water can provide a tailored filtration program to deliver pure water to your ice, coffee, beverage or other foodservice equipment. Allow us to deliver consistently pure water to your coffee shop, café, restaurant, or other venue so that you can worry about what you do best.

water vending equipment

Water Vending Applications

Bluedrop Water has been delivering world-class water vending equipment to entrepreneurs and operators in the water vending business since 2010. Bluedrop Water has the knowledge and manufacturing resources to create a wide variety of custom water vending solutions for all types of businesses. From free-standing water vending kiosks, to wall-mounted water vending tellers for water stores, Bluedrop has the equipment and expertise to help your business flourish. Bluedrop Water is currently helping businesses in North America and abroad sell chilled and ambient purified water in any volume from 16oz to 5 gallons. Our equipment can be configured to accept customer payments by coin, cash, credit card, debit card, smartphone, prepaid card or Free Vend. Whether you are a business looking to offer your customers purified water refills, or are looking grow your existing water vending business, Bluedrop Water has the ability to design and manufacture reliable equipment for your project.

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