Understanding water and understanding it very well is
what we do best.

That’s how we have become the leading water filter operators in the US. You can find our water coolers in warehouses, homes, and offices across the nation. We have a wide variety of water filters depending on your need. By installing our water coolers, not only will you reduce the impact you have on the environment, but you’ll also reduce your business’s drinking water and beverage costs. We uphold environmentally-conscious values in our company and we would like to extend those values to your business, while improving your employees and customers’ health and increasing your savings at the same time.

Our Vision

To replace costly, inefficient, and wasteful bottled water delivery services with our inexpensive, efficient and sustainable water filtration systems.

Our Mission

Bluedrop Water provides a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly concept that will dramatically reduce your business's drinking water consumption costs. We are a green-thinking, environmentally focused company, dedicated to improving health and reducing your carbon footprint while continually increasing savings.