What people are saying about us:

"I love bluedrop" - Benton M.
"I use this machine to fill up my water bottle every day before sports" - Tom K.
"bluedrop is a great addition to our High School" - Mr. M.
"This location is perfect whether you're on the go or coming in for a bite to eat" - Caroline B. (coffee shop location)
"This is a great alternative to our tap, I use it every day to keep me fueled during my workout" - Nathaniel B. (workout location)
"This water is amazing" - Graham F. 
"It tastes so clean and refreshing" - Tessa D.
"I use this machine every day, I love it" - Talia M.
"It's so easy to use" - Mike L.
"I love the rinse feature on this machine. I use it all the time" - Myles B.

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