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Company Overview

bluedrop was formed with the single purpose of creating a "greener" way for consumers to purchase water in single serve portions. Bluedrop Water was founded by Ken Kellaway, a serial entrepreneur who has launched a number of highly successful companies and has a proven ability to recognize societal challenges and develop the solutions that solve them.

The idea for bluedrop was developed during Ken's extensive business travels. He became aware of a trend that more and more people were carrying their own canteens in airports and other places. Curious about this, he questioned numerous people about their reasoning for carrying the reusable containers. Their reasoning was simple; bottled water simply did not make much sense due to its overwhelming enviornmental impact. The waste caused by the use of plastic bottles is no secret, but for years it had been disregarded. As the number of orginizations, businesses, and college institutions began to look for a cleaner, greener, healthier water option, Ken began to ponder how he might create a market-changing water distribution system.

He determined someone needed to create a highly accessible single serve water business that reduced the use of plastic and provided a more affordable pure water solution. The idea: self serve water vending units where people can fill their own containers with purified water. A distribution model much like what banks did with the ATM: making water consumption convenient, as well as safe.

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